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Get To Know Autumn Gochenaur

Remember how we said we had more big, BOLD news coming? Well, the wait is over. You met (or reacquainted yourself) with Emily Wade last month. Now, it’s time to meet ODEA’s newest member, Autumn Gochenaur.  Keep reading to learn more about our brilliant new ODEA-ite!

We’re so excited to have you on the team. So, tell us…what does your role at ODEA look like?

My title is Graphic Designer and I’m here to help the team tackle all sorts of design needs from new websites, logos, and anything and everything that a brand needs to run. Fonts, colors, and beyond!

Exciting! Before ODEA, what were you up to?

I’ve been in the non-profit space for several years. Most recently, the library which includes a lot of public service and community work. I loved working in my community, but I felt the pull for a personal challenge! So, here I am now at ODEA.

It’s only been a minute since you’ve joined our BOLD crew but so far, what’s been your favorite part about joining ODEA?

I have to say my favorite part has, of course, been the amazing team here at ODEA. Coming on virtually is tricky, but everyone has welcomed me and I’m excited to dive into working with them all!

When you’re not working, where can we find you/what are you doing?

Most likely catering to my needy roommates (my dogs). I love spending time out on my porch or checking out new restaurants with friends. I love a good Netflix binge, I’m currently going between Grace & Frankie and Outlander.

Any hidden talents or hobbies we should know about? (Don’t worry, we can keep a secret.)

I have an impressive frown that only a lucky few have seen and perform pop queen ballads in the shower that no human ears have heard. I love thrifting to hunt down awesome old stuff for my house, getting lots of tattoos, and painting when I feel inspired.

Autumn sounds awesome, right? Agreed. If you’re looking to learn more about her, check out her full bio HERE.